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1/15/2022 A.

Israfil No. 1111= This Angel number 1111 message means that the barrier between the Centr'ea will melt away just for me. Therefore, Israfil is giving me access to the fifth Centr'e where I can connect to my higher self and summon one of my soulmates.

Many articles on spirituality talk about going into a new Era as we pass from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius, but this also indicates that some of us like my soulmate will be going from our third Centr'e, through the fourth Centr'e to the fifth Centr'e as well. These soul destinations are sometimes called worlds or dimensions, but I call them Centr'e because they are swirling central vortexes of God energies within the mind of Allah governed be a Syzygy of Aeons. In the first Era, giants of men roamed our world, and they were able to transform their Pleroma into the state of the sixth or seventh Centr'ea. but in our second Era, there is no brave new world waiting on the other side, so we are limited to the transformations into the fourth and fifth Centr'ea.

You see, every matter, statement, thought, experience and emotion has a vibrating frequency and this vibration is measurable. Well, each Centr'e has a spectrum of vibrations, which serves as a kind of set of lessons, and the souls therein need to learn these lessons before they can evolve further into the Ogdoad. The lessons that are exercised in the third Centr'e are about love and light, and a soul learns though these lessons in order to obtain unconditional love as Jesus Christ did.

The light has to do with our chakras, which is necessary to gain the mastery we will need to manage our emotional and mental bodies by making our chakras flow the right way at deeper levels of density.

In this light, we find that the more conscious we become; the deeper we can go in our search for the answers to our pleromic state in the Ogdoad. all Centr'ea exist progressively within or outside of each other in ever greater or lesser states of density in any given space, time frame, or tyme frame we reside in simultaneously. But due to our limited consciousness, we usually only perceive one Centr'el level at a time. Yet, the higher our state of consciousness becomes; the more we can perceive the different Centr'ea around and within us. Only a few people have this capacity right now, but because of our growing development

of consciousness as a race, more people will soon be able to experience this phenomenon in the near future.

In the fifth Centr'e, manifestation through thought becomes possible. emotions are still present, but we no longer allow them to fool us, as we have developed a sort of mastery over them. The frequencies of the fifth Centr'e of fire are much higher than those found on our physical Centr'e of earth. Therefore, they vibrate at speeds greater than the speed of light. This makes the manifestation and creation by thought possible, so ones' heart ends up being in charge and ones' pleroma is matched up with the frequency of the heart chakra in order to create a soul.

In this state, love always prevails because our actions are made from the heart and no longer from the head. As such, the presence of Master No. 11 found twice in this Angel number will give me incredible power and potential, which I can then direct towards my love.

However, before I start imagining myself in a fantasy scenario about magic and genies, Israfil wants me to understand that this will become part of my real life as well. Ey states that I'm going through a phase full of new beginnings in every area of my life, and that includes love! The best thing about this is that I have control over it through my minds' eye, and Israfil is trying to make me aware of this as well as other things.

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