1/18/2022 B.

Lelahel No. 77= Starting on the first page of my next journal labeled "Progressions towards my Lifes' purpose," ey is showing us that I'm open to the people in my life. I love unconditionally and care for the people around me. people love being around me because of my character and the way I relate to people. I have awesome relationship skills that make me stand out from the croud. I'm full of wisdom that enables me to help and advise my loved ones.

Huh, if I didn't know better, I would think that Angel Lelahel was attempting to set up a dating site resume or something of that nature. Perhaps ey realizes that I am too modest to say such things about myself.

In any case, people use the vibrations of No. 77 to impact the lives of others in a positive way. So, Lelahel wants me to know that by spreading good things to others; I'll in turn receive good things as well. The more love I give out; the more love I'll receive in return. Ey wants me to know that the Angels will walk with me and guide me in making the right decisions which will end up impacting my life in a positive manner, so I should not neglect the help of the Angels, as without them, no lasting success will come my way.

Therefore, I should embrace the lessons of this message and accept the help of the angels. And by trusting my instincts and being confident in myself, good things will come my way.

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