1/19/2022 B.

My Thought Adjuster wanted to bring up the issue of the ages this morning, and ey mentioned that there is a good reason that B.C. means the period of time before Christ and that A.D. refers to the time period after his death. But now we must concede that a new age is coming, and it should be recognized as the A.R. period of time after Christs' return occurs.

The Christ has visited only four worlds in our universe as a mortal, and this one is the only world he has promised to return to, so it is of great importance that he is remembered by future generations in this fashion.

My spirit brother deserves to be recognized for the colossal achievement he has made as Gods' personal Creator Son and our Captain through this reality. Without his sacrifices, we would not have a means to transform or transition ourselves out of this reality and we would be stuck in a perpetual cycle of reincarnation throughout eternity, so we need to honor him for his glory at the very least!

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