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1/20/2023 A

Odin No. 112= The energy this No. 112 resonates with is a focus on creating a secure foundation upon which future existence and endeavors within can rest. Therefore, it is self-determined, independent and conscientious.

You see, the focus of energy represented by this No. 112 is virtually always preparing for the future, so the attention is generally placed upon the current project that will strengthen the foundation of things that may be needed for future security, and this future security relates to my financial security and stability for living a pleasant life.

The No. 112 reduces to the root No. 4, which is a number of focus and pragmatism. The No.4 is also my lucky number in this lifetime, but the other digits in this No. 112 sequence have an influence as well. Therefore, this No. 112 symbol means that my destiny is to work hard to create things that will help secure the future for a hassle-free living environment. Thus, this No. 112 energy contains:

-A large dose of No. 4 energy in the form of procedures, mindfulness and focus.

-A good dose of No. 1 energy in the form of independence, initiative and finding new ways of doing things.

-Plus, a dose of No. 2 energy such as coexistence, association with others and teamwork

This blend results in an energy unique to the No. 112, and it has to do with my Lifes' work. Although I'm comfortable working alone, this number will allow me to work with others in order to accomplish goals of my choosing. In this way, Odin is providing me with a method that will get the job done.


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