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1/20/2023 B

Lelahel No. 77= This Angel No. 77 is a powerful symbol representing aspects of wisdom and mysticism. The fact that No. 77 is my guiding number means that I have a true understanding of the universal energies and I've correctly identified my relationship to the spiritual realm.

During this phase, I may find myself more empathetic and open to those in my life. Lelahel wants me to embrace this and use this wisdom to help guide and protect my loved ones. This number is also about my psychic abilities, so Lelahel wants me to be open to the messages the universe is sending me.

Whenever an Angel number has more than one of the same digits in a sequence, the individual digits are using their powers to impact one another. In the case of this Angel No.77, the vibrations of No. 7 duplicate each other and produce a slightly altered message, but with a similar theme.

The Angel No. 77 still focuses heavily on spirituality and intuition, but Lelahel says I should feel a sense of pride. That's because this sign comes to me as a message of congratulations from my intellect Guardian Angel, as ey recognizes my wisdom and feels that I'm on the right path to fulfilling my destiny.

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