1/22/2022 A.

Seheiah No.433= wants me to bring people together. Seheiah is an Angel of foresight, and ey wants me to tell everyone about the visions I saw at the beginning, so I think ey wants me to focus more on my old blogs.

Let everyone start putting in their effort because unity is strength is another side to this message. No. 433 is filled with signs from the divine: the No. 4 is a sign of clarity, and it discusses visions and plans in this sequence. The No. 3 represents the act of considering other peoples' ideas. The No. 43 is about freedom, and it compels me to act in order to avoid conflict and become a champion for peace.

Harmony is also a big part of this message, as Seheiah wants me to co-exist with people from different cultures. Ey says that I've been working together with this group of people at a higher level for some time now, and Seheiah wants me to know that everyone involved has different opinions on how best to approach the issues. All these individuals are very different, and this will make things argumentized.

Seheiah is asking me to be their leader. let everyone be heard and all opinions should be valued. Respect is the key to peace, as these people need to be able to co-exist in order to work together, and Seheiah says that indulgence is the way to start a peaceful relationship.

Communication will be important in this situation, and this means talking and listening to other peoples' side of the story. I'm already in the middle of an important project which will change the sanity of the community, but there is a problem with our timing and the roles each individual must play. There is also a major vacuum in communication, so Seheiah wants me to start the communication process. This will help the people understand their duties and roles.

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