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1/22/2023 B

Descended Masters No. 22/22= My life path number is 22, and this master number is considered to be the most physically powerful one of the three. Thus, it's called the "Master Builder" or the "Master Architect." It holds so much power, it can actually turn big dreams into realities if worked upon very sincerely.

The original Hebrew alphabet consists of 22 letters, which represents everything from creation to eternity. Circles are also associated with the No. 22, and thus it represents the totality of creation as "OM." This is the reason why it can make people the most successful out of all the numbers.

This master number is said to have double the manifesting power of the Master No. 11 and the No. 4, As it has the potential to become highly intuitive, practical and systematic at the same time, which is very effective in the material world.

The Master No. 22 is more realistic than the Master No. 11, but it's also less spiritual. As such, it can manifest things more easily on our earthly plane with the help of its root No. 4. Know that the No. 22 carries a very high amount of nervous energy- even for a master number, but its powers are orderly yet unlimited. Therefore, those individuals who are affiliated with this master number are imbued with the great qualities of confidence, idealism, and leadership, while exhibiting big plans and ideas through the implementation of their work.

The beauty of this life path is that in spite of these individuals being a bit irrational, they're actually quiet practical because they find themselves losing potential in their lives if they don't do so. Then again, the more potential these individuals incur; the more of a tendency it has to affect these individuals in a negative way if not used properly. As such, it can bring the individual down by making them less ambitious while wasting their true potential and making them feel a lot of pressure. Therefore, it's a good idea for these individuals to find something to laugh about. Laughing acts as a conduit to expel their negative energies, which otherwise end up building rapidly within them, and this will in turn keep them working in peak condition. With that said, care must be taken that individuals on the No. 22 life path aren't allowed to be idle for long periods of time, as this will quickly wear them out and cause their otherwise positive traits to start exhibiting the previously mentioned negative qualities.

The ideal scenario for us would be to realize that there's something more to our life than just our personal ambitions; something that serves the whole of humanity and not just an individual. Working under the auspices influence of this master number, one can accomplish a lot of constructive good because those with a No. 22 personality have access to many unique traits that can help others realize their creativity in a realistic and meaningful

modus operandi.

The No. 2 is about sensitivity, and the No. 22 doubles that effect in an individual. this ensures that professions that require a high amount of finesse have individuals that can practice them. This is due to the fact that Master No. 22 individuals can pay attention to details like no other number type does. This makes them great at jobs like surgeons or analysts, but I need to understand that those who have the Master No. 22 as part of their persona often have both positive and negative traits in extremes, which should be taken care of.

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