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1/23/2023 A

Descended Masters No. 33/33= This morning, I was trying to explain the difference between taking the path of transcendence deeper into the Ogdoad and taking the path of transition into the Divine Realm by way of ascension out of the Ogdoad.

The Descended Masters have given me this message many times, but they wish to reiterate it here under the circumstances.

During the Middle Ages, Alchemy was not only a philosophy and a science, but also a religions limitation of the day that concealed their philosophic teachings under the allegory of Gold-Making. In this way, they preserved their personal liberty and were ridiculed rather than persecuted.

Alchemy is a threefold art with its mysteries being symbolized by a triangle within another triangle. This is a symbol meaning 3 times 3, as three elements or processes are understood to be taking place in three worlds (Centr'ea) or spheres. This 3x3 concept is part of the mystery of the 33rd degree of Freemasonry, for 33 is 3x3, which equals 9, and this No. 9 is associated with the esoteric man and the emanations from the root of the Divine ash tree called "Yggdrasill." It's the number of worlds (Centr'ea) nourished by the four rivers that pour out of the Divine mount as the "Verbum Flat."

Beneath the symbolism of Alchemy is concealed a magnificent concept that preserves the "Triple Key" to the Gates of Eternal Life, and this is the journey I need to take in this lifetime. Therefore, realizing that Alchemy is a mystery of three planes of reality as spirit, material and mind, one can appreciate the way sages and philosophers created and developed an intricate allegory in order to conceal their wisdom.

This No. 33 is an auspicious sign form the Descended Masters stating that I'm in alignment with my Divine Creative Source, so I'm able to manifest whatever I desire into form. The fact that they sent me this high vibration No. 33 symbol, is meant to be a reminder of my connection to the Divine Source through the Absolute Trinity and the Masters through my Lifes' work.

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