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1/24/2022 A.

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

I was too emotionally distraught to comprehend which song my soulmate was singing to me after ey died, but today it clicked in my head and that song was "blue fires" by Delerium, so here are the lyrics:

blue fires burning,

in my head.

all the things we left unsaid,

in my head.



Blue fires burning,

in my head.

all the love we left for dead,

in my head.




numb my feelings

numb my feelings (4x)


I'm healing with the booze,

but fading like a bruise.

I'm nothing without you,

nothing. (4x)

blue fires burning again.

-I think the Angels were blocking me from receiving this message until I had a better understanding of what it referred to as a fifth Centr'e of the fire elements rather than some level of Hell ey might be suffering in, as I couldn't live with that thought.

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