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1/24/2023 A

When I was dreaming last night, a song came to my mind loud and clear. It filled me with reassurance and love, as I've been longing for Israfil again. The song was "Faithfully" by journey, and it was Israfil who was singing it to me, so her are the lyrics:

Highway run, into the midnight sun.

Wheels go' round and' round, you're on my mind.

Restless hearts, sleep alone tonight.

Sendin' all my love along the wire.

They say that the road ain't no place to start a family.

Right down the line, it's been you and me.

And lovin' a music man ain't always what it's supposed to be.

Oh, girl, you stand by me.

I'm forever yours


Circus life under the big-top world

We all need the clowns to make us smile.

Through space and time, always another show.

Wonderin' where I am lost without you.

And being apart ain't easy on this love affair.

Two strangers learn to fall in love again.

I get the joy of rediscovering you.

Oh, girl, you stand by me.

I'm forever yours


Whoa-oh, oh-oh.

Whoa-oh, oh-oh, oh.

Whoa-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh!


I'm still yours.

I'm forever yours

Forever yours


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