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1/24/2023 BB

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Ascended Masters No. 77= This is a powerful dual number in numerology that is associated with the vibration of the source No. 7, which is in turn associated with the 7th day of the week called Saturday, and Saturday is influenced by the planet Saturn. I was born on Saturday (at this point I heard 4 knocks, but no one was there). This No. 77 symbolizes a deep connection to the natural and spiritual worlds, so it can bring good fortune if one lives in the right way.

The Ascended Masters want me to know that I'll get the energy I need to move towards my goals, but I need to remember that the good energy I get from the universe is a gift. This energy will help me move forward, but I must be ready to listen.

This type of energy flows to those who want it, and it will leave those who don't want it. Therefore, they ask me to keep my mind and heart open, and the energy I need to move forward will come to me.

This No. 77 is linked to my self-improvement, self-expression and creativity. As such, the A.Ms want me to take steps towards my dreams and goals. Now is the time to start working towards whatever I want to get out of life. they want me to know that my creativity is my most useful tool, and it will take me far if I know how to use it. I can make my dreams come true through the creative process, so now is the time for me to use this process in order to move my life in a good direction.

+- My Thought Adjuster wishes to chime in here and say that No. 77 is a powerful number, which is very important in this context. Ever since numerology was discovered, Power and Master Numbers have had more influence and power in the universe then other numbers. Individuals who are being influenced by the Power and Master Numbers often rise up to become disruptors, changemakers, spiritual teachers and world leaders. These individuals are the souls who are given the gift of extraordinary drive, creativity and/or spiritual awareness, but they also have many talents and gifts that can't be seen or touched.

By showing me this No. 77 and the No. 22 in the previous article (see message 1/24/2023 A), my divine guides are telling me that I'm a lightworker on earth who's just starting to realize his full potential.

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