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1/25/2022 A.

Israfil No. 1212= is an awakening code in and of itself. Therefore, it carries the template for an awakened twelfth dimension Christ consciousness to me.

In this sense, seeing No. 1212 is prompting and reminding me that there is an opportunity for me to level up my awakened state and access the higher level of my innate Christ light consciousness- which is available to be realized and embodied through me as a divine being in the physical form, so No. 1212 is associated with the 12 D Divine Christ consciousness which serves as a reminder that I can access those higher levels of refined consciousness and divine awareness right now.

Israfil says this is just a matter of tuning in. To do this, clear your mind, open your heart and simply tune in through your empowered will in order to access your inner core of light so you can lift up, expand and reunite with your higher levels of Divine awareness that are available to you in every moment. the awakening code No. 1212 is a call from Archangel Israfil to lift, expand and tune in with this message.

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