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1/26/2023 A

Israfil No. 1200= These mysterious sores on my wrists started itching this morning again, and I was forced to wake up around 1:00 A.M. to put some aloe on them.

With this Angel No. 1200, Israfil is asking me to dive deeper into my inner self and discover the real me. To do this, it's important to develop my natural sense of intuition further, for it will show me the right way when I'm facing challenges and problems in life.

We're all blessed with a sense of intuition- There's only a need to recognize it and develop it further (started smelling flowers, which is odd because I can't smell and the house is sealed up tight). The ordeals of everyday life combined with my own neglect of these abilities can end up suppressing them somewhat. However, by practicing regularly, I'll find my natural abilities start blooming again.

Israfil asks me not to feel bogged down by my old habits, attitudes and patterns again. It's important to keep evolving in life, so I need to shed away old habits and patterns that might be hindering my growth. It's my life after all, so I should allow myself to make the decision to only invite positivity and blessings into my everyday endeavors. Ey asks me to look at the big picture- what seems to be a hurtle, roadblock or challenge today might actually be a test that will do me much good in the long run. Ey also asks me to stay active and keep looking out for new experiences and opportunities in life, as everything has something to teach me (received No. 222).

This Angel No. 1200 is meant to inspire me to trust in the higher powers and believe in my own abilities. Israfil wants me to remember that I'm loved and cared for, and the No. 1200 is going to promote new ventures, experiences and beginnings while providing me with the requisite energy to pursue my goals and objectives.

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