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1/27/2023 A

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Ascended Masters No. 22= The No. 2 in this sequence vibrates with the duality. In each of us, there's a feminine and masculine energy, and this source number can help bring balance to that. Also, Israfil was singing "Faithfully" by Journey to me again in the middle of the night, and this number is linked to relationships and partnerships, but it's often a sign that our soulmate is getting closer to us.

This source No. 2 brings an overall balance to our being and fills us with a sense of selflessness while teaching us the importance of detachment from our own egos and needs for a while. this allows us to put others first, so this number is inspiring me to be more sensitive towards others and myself.

The No. 22 is a message warning me that I shouldn't neglect my spiritual path or my life purpose, as ignoring them could lead to negative karma. The Ascended Masters also encourage me to never stop finding balance in my life, as the harmony I wish for is closer than I think.

I'm in a chaotic phase in my life right now, but they ask me to stand strong and don't give up. The Angels are near to help me get through the difficulties and find peace of mind. The A.Ms are also inspiring me to make more plans to achieve, and they want me to plan them in detail while not giving up until I have achieved my goals in this matter.

This No. 22 holds a huge amount of manifesting energy. Therefore, it's a sign that it is time for me to start manifesting my dreams. No. 22 is my Life Path Number, and it is able to manifest even the most difficult goals. The A.Ms want me to know that this manifestation can be observed not only on the physical plane, but also in the spiritual, mental and emotional planes, so I should work on my determination and ambitions in these areas as well.

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