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1/29/2022 B.

Gabriel No. 700= says that I have to try to make ends meet by working hard. For me, this message has to do with my studies rather than my job, and Gabriel is discouraging me from relying on other people when I have the potential and ability to make my life work better. Therefore, I have to achieve milestones and do something unique to pull out of the current situation. The prosperity I want will not come easy, as I'll have to do my best to reach the standard I want.

Gabriel says that rolling off my levels is the genesis of finding good fortunes in my life. Still, I need to reach out to other people who can assist me with relevant knowledge. The angels will be there to assist me in maturing in this matter. Of course, I'll still need to be strong in order to overcome the shortcomings in my life, so I also need to learn the art of surviving while reaching ones' goals.

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