1/29/2022 C.

Ascended Masters No. 44= I am receiving a special spiritual sign stating that my gifts are within my reach, but I need to stay grounded in order to attain them. Therefore, I must plan and build a proper foundation in order to achieve my special gifts.

The number 44 breaks down to 8 (4+4=8), and number 8 makes up one of the meanings of this message about abundance and wealth, but the important lesson found here is to stay aligned with the right things and truths. As such, I should keep checking my own moral compass whenever I take a new step in my studies and listen carefully to what my intuition is indicating would be right.

Seeing this angel number also means that I have spiritual support from the Ascended Masters in the task of accomplishing my target goals, so building up trust and faith in the A.M's will go a long way, and my work should be expressed in a practical and tangible form of action that I'll be undertaking soon.

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