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1/29/2022 D.

Uriel No. 1111= I'm being called to awaken. Visually, number 1111 represents columns of gates. As such, it is a direct channel that has opened up between my human self and my divine self. When this happens, it is time to stop any ordinary activity we're doing and look at the bigger picture of our life.

With the various cultures and religions on this planet, I've realized that living among different groups of people is a blessing because it gives us the opportunity to get inspirations from seeing new ways of doing things or discovering needs we didn't even know existed. You see, it's the connection to each other that reignites the fire in our soul and stimulates our creative ideas in order to make significant changes in our world. For this reason, I've come to understand that different talents allow us to help one another while showing us the value of appreciating one another in different ways. Most importantly, I've realized that our differences help us learn how to understand, accept and cooperate with each other. This key understanding can help us remember the importance of being connected to humankind in order to progress and evolve as one race, and this is all part of the Universes' master plan.

Taking this idea to a deeper level, I've realized that what I'm perceiving as imperfect in any part of my life by being a Virgo, is actually the creator seeing perfection on the divine level of existence. Imperfections are simply imperfections to us, but not to the Source. Therefore, what we see as a disappointment in my life, the absonite Creator sees as an opportunity for learning and soul growth.

On a soul level, our consciousness evolves, and we start to see life with new eyes. So instead of making decisions with our head, we start making decisions with our heart. For this reason, we begin to see the truth. Uriel says that I should trust that I'm on the right path to my awakening, and that everything is unfolding perfectly for me. But most of all, I need to trust that all is well for me!

Furthermore, Uriel wants to state that No. 1111 is a coded molecular structure for the

"re-membering" concept and reactivating the inner Master that resides within me; my true self. You see, re-member is a term which emphasizes the idea of putting the pieces of ourselves- our "members"- back together in their right order. In this way, we are in essence remembering who we really are on a mind level. In this sense, the meaning behind No. 1111 is related to my morontial ascension because it's the gateway I'll need to take towards my spiritual ascension from here. As such, I'm seeing clearer and I'm moving towards a higher energetic vibration at this time. So, Uriel is telling me that I need to understand that the cellular memory is being reactivated within me, and I'm going through the experience of remembering something I've long forgotten. Hence, being in the presence of this No. 1111 pattern is intended to wake up my true divine nature and recall that I was created with the spiritual DNA of the divine Creator Son, and that my unique design originated during the process of my spiritual creation long before my physical birth.

Thus, When I look at the master plan at work, I should remember that I'm an individual piece of the absonite Creator, and collectively, we are all a part of the whole of a perfect existence.

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