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1/29/2023 A

Israfil No. 1110= My twin flames' soul is a part of Archangel Israfil, just as my soul is a part of Archangel Raphael. This Angel No. 1110 is among the few Divine signs that brings an essential message to ones' love life. As such, it's telling me that a beautiful love experience is coming soon. It shows me that I'm about to get that one person who loves me unconditionally and will love me till death- no matter what!

This message is being given to me after my mother broke my heart this morning by insinuating that I dislike my two nephews and my brother unjustly. All three of them have betrayed me in unforgivable ways without giving me so much as an apology. When I offered them love, they repaid me with more hate and greed than I could ever have for anyone. As a result, I became very hurt and lonely at the realization that the last family member I felt cared about my well-being turned against me as well. With that said, Israfil says I should be open-minded and ready to charm my future partner with the language of my eyes. I take it that this is because I always wear a mask when I go into town.

This Angel No. 1110 also signifies that I'll meet my twin flame soon. Therefore, I should use my talents and invite them into my life.

Israfil says that many people commit themselves to a serious relationship, but they aren't sure if they've done the right thing or not. The answer to this question lies in this Angel No.1110. Israfil says I should know that my twin flame relationship is on the right track, and I shouldn't question the love we have for one another. I haven't felt as close to my twin flame for a week or so, and Israfil wants me to understand that sometimes people in relationships face problems and forget about their partner. At this time, Israfil wants me to be there for my partner- even if issues are keeping us disconnected, and it would be best if I didn't allow the fear of change to hurt my loved ones.

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