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1/29/2023 AB

Mehiel No. 101= This is an encouragement from the Angel of vitalization and inspiration- since I've been feeling stuck in a rut lately and discouraged about my relationship routine.

Mehiel shows us the antidote against the forces of darkness, and ey advises me to try something new instead of engaging in the same behavioral patterns. With that said, this Angel No. 101 represents change and evolution, meaning that our twin flame relationship is heading it a positive new chapter. But, since our relationship is going through a rough patch right now, Mehiel requests I stay strong and withstand this storm without losing hope. The Divine heralds a positive development as long as I take a deeper look at my inner self, but the real trick will be stepping out of my comfort zone and being open to new possibilities with an optimistic attitude.

Fear not though, an exciting new person will appear in the near future. As a result, my life will completely change for the better, which will help me embrace a more positive outlook on love!

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