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1/3/2022 A.

Seheiah No. 933= The Angel Seheiah often acts as my psychic adviser, and ey says that this is my cue from the spiritual forces indicating that the sacrifices I am making now will someday turn into my happiness for the future. Therefore, I need to keep pushing further while I have the energy to do so. I shouldn't ruin my future by ignoring the opportunities in my life, as these changes will benefit me in the end. But to do so, I must be willing to face them courageously and focus on the things that will happen, rather than focusing on the things that have happened.

Seheiah says I need to understand that hard work will lead me to success, and success will be attracted to those who go out and look for it. Basically, Seheiah is telling me that this is the right time for me to try and become the hardest worker I can and keep struggling- no matter what I may be facing at the time.

The angel No. 933 is being presented to me as a warning, as the Angels want to make sure that I'm always working as hard as I can at Doing the things that will make me feel the most fulfilled. It's easy to get stuck in the ruts of daily activities, commitments and the struggles that develop from striving to reach those things which make us feel happiest, but I must make sure to do this as much as I can.

The numerological meaning of No. 933 indicates that my energy will be restored by being happy, and I'll find that peace and relief will come to me more quickly if I allow myself to do these important tasks. Seheiah isn't asking me to shirk my regular duties to do this, but I need to make sure that I take this restoration process seriously so I can get ahead in my life and find some happiness alone the way.

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