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1/3/2022 B.

Lelahel No. 66,633= Angel No. 66 receives its meaning and significance from the double effect of number 6, and the No. 6 signifies stability, balance and harmony while the No. 66 takes this to the next level by signifying love, compassion, generosity and determination. We can see how both the number 6 and 66 form the basis for relationships such as families and friendships, but its base number 3 also indicates that the number 66 is a sign of healing as well (6+6=12 and 1+2=3).

Lelahel is the angel of the divine light which heals everything, and this is often referred to as the "Light of Love." So, through this number, Lelahel is going to teach us the essence of unconditional love at the level we can achieve as human beings. Love is the greatest gift of the Holy Spirit; hence, every human being is expected to achieve this level of love in their lifetime. Without love, we would be forced to live in a world full of hatred and we are slipping ever further into this degenerate deposition every year. You see, love is fulfilling no degrading, and it brings about joy, peace and happiness throughout the world we live in, so the calm nature of Angel Lelahel is giving us the power to overcome any challenge that might present itself in our lives through this understanding.

+- The No. 633 starts with number 6- yet is followed by a pair of 3"s, which also equals the number 6 (3+3=6). This Angel number is linked with the idea of prosperity in the material world. Therefore, it's often connected with our financial opportunities, but it can be associated with anything that brings us comfort and security as well. The number 6 reminds me that it's not wrong or superficial to be concerned about these things, as it is the peace of mind that we get from stability that gives us the freedom to potentially do more for others.

In the greater arcana of the tarot deck, the number 6 is associated with the lovers' card. And while this card can point to a romantic type of love, it is more often associated with the idea of self-love, so this message is a reminder that I need to love myself and give myself the things I need. Above all, I need to give myself more love and acceptance, Lelahel says.

The Angel No. 633 doesn't just end in two 3's though, it culminates in the number 3 as well (6+3+3=12 and 1+2=3). The number 3 is inextricably linked to my power of communication through expression in my life, so it means that both my ability to understand and interpret the world around me, and my ability to clearly express myself while also being heard by that same world, is going to be thoroughly exercised. This was supposed to be implemented by my soulmate in my life and now that is not possible, but Lelahel is saying it's going to happen anyway through another approach.

A pair of 3's makes up the master No. 33 known as the "Master Teacher," and its appearance here suggests that I will be going through a period of learning that will fundamentally change my outlook on life. It also suggests that I will find myself in the role of a teacher. Yet, from sharing my experiences with others, I will learn more than I can imagine at this time.

Altogether, the Angel No. 633 states that it is time that I start working on giving myself the things I'll need. Exactly what that is depends on me, however, Lelahel says it is likely something along the lines of a career boost or a new place to live. Ey suggests that meeting this criterion will put me in a position to thrive in other areas of my life and grow as an individual. As has been mentioned previously, the first step in meeting this need is to clearly articulate and understand it.

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