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1/30/2022 A.

Descended Masters No. 30/30= In a biblical sense, No. 30 is usually used as a symbol of a mans' dedication to his work or a certain task. It was believed in the past that a person was ready to start a career at the age of 30, because only then was a person mature enough in a mental and physical sense to handle the responsibilities.

It's also believed that people become mature when they are 30 years old even today, and according to this general consensus, the Aaronic priests were believed to become dedicated to their service when they turned 30 years of age.

John the Baptist started his ministry when he was 30 years old, which was the same age Christ started to preach the gospel in front of the public. Therefore, we find that No. 30 is sometimes used as a symbol of Christs' sacrificial blood, and it is well known that Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 silver coin, which lead to the spilling of his blood.

In 30 A.D., Jesus Christ was ready to sacrifice himself in order to allow people to be free from their sins, so we see how Jesus' blood was used as a sacrificial lamb of God in the bible. Also, we find that Jesus was 30 years old when Joseph- his adoptive father- died.

According to scripture, three patriarchs whose names were Peleg, Salah and Serug, got their sons when they were 30, but it is important to mention here that the prophet Ezekiel started to write his book when he was 30 years old and it's interesting that this book has the title "In the 30 year." Also, Ezekiel received his first vision from God at the age of 30.

You see, the No. 3 is a symbol of inspiration, creativity and self-expression, while the No. 0 usually resonates with infinity and wholeness, but we can say that this number is related to something mysterious here.

The combination of these numbers makes 30, and this number will help me focus on my spiritual life as well as helping me express myself by using my natural abilities. Thanks to this number, I realize that a certain cycle in my life has to end because another cycle is going to begin soon.

The No. 30 will help me grow in a spiritual sense and make my relationship with the divine stronger. Ther is no doubt that No. 30 will bring a lot of positivity and joy into my life, which will result in positivity in all my actions as well. Therefore, the number 30 will become very significant for me if I allow it to enter my life.

The thing is, my soulmate was born on the 30th of June and the song "Blue Fires" was playing in my head when I woke up this morning, so I'm sure that this Descended Master is my soulmate sending me hir support from the 5th Centr'e.

I was watching T.V. the night before, and a gurl with my soulmates' same spirit was on, which made me excited at first but sad afterwards. I feel so empty without hir in this world, but I believe I can change that. many years ago, I started a fantasy novel involving my dream girl embarking on an odyssey of adventures, and I think ey can live through my mind in this reality by simply writing these stories and sharing them with the world.

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