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1/30/2023 A

Caliel No. 113= The Angel of absolute truth says that positive change and transformation are on the way, and this Angel No. 113 indicates that I have a lot to contribute. You see, my creative powers are on the rise once again and I'm radiating a vibration that others are sure to find captivating.

This Angel No. 113 receives its vibrational meaning from the combined influence of the numbers 1, 11 and 3. The No. 1 is the number of individual efforts, taking the initiative and new beginnings.

When the vibration of the No. 11 starts operating in my life, I'm being called to take the initiative in my professional life by taking a leadership role in a business venture or a creative project.

The vibration of the No. 3 is associated with inspiration, creativity, self-expression and an expansion of my creative powers. So, whenever this powerful No. 113 becomes operative in my life, it means that I have creative ideas that need to be expressed.

When the vibration of the 1 and 3 come together in an Angel number, the Angel is telling me to assert my own creative power in a business venture or project of some kind.

By taking the initiative and asserting my creative vision, Caliel says that I will quickly rise to a leadership position and my project will be very successful.

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