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1/31/2022 A.

Mehiel No. 707= is trying to show me that all I need to do at this time is to open my spiritual awareness and use my intuition. Ey asks me to try and believe more in my abilities, and to know that I'm a soul in a human body, not a body with a soul.

This number is here to show me that significant changes are facing my love life, and it's offering me an end to my current relationship because I'm ending a cycle in my life. Mehiel says that I need to release what is weighing me down. I need to realize what I need in this world and choose the people that see the good in me, appreciate me and will be there for me.

The spiritual meaning of this number is also significant here, and this has to do with enlightenment, the evolution of my soul and new adventures & beginnings, so Mehiel tells me to continue gaining more spiritual knowledge for now, and don't be afraid to share my experiences with other people. Become more open, and I'll see just how magical and beautiful life really is.

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