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1/31/2023 AB

Odin No. 1000= This No. 1000 signifies that I should use my strength and brace myself for the new beginnings that are going to change everything in my life for the better. The All-Father tells me to trust my instincts and follow my dreams, because I now have the power to manifest reality through my thoughts. All my problems and challenges will cease to exist if I put my mind and heart into giving my best.

Odin says that new beginnings are coming my way and he asserts the importance of being positive about these changes. If I'm hesitant about these changes in my life, I'll lose out on some wonderful things. He asks me not to be afraid, because these are good changes that will bring joy and fulfillment into my life.

Odin wants me to adopt a lightworking lifestyle and change the lives of people in my world. I must use my inner strength and will power to welcome a new chapter into my life and continue being kind and compassionate towards others.

This combination of numbers 1 and 0s is a positive message that reminds me that difficult times are temporary, and if I continue exuding confidence, I'll be able to change the direction of my life through relentless effort.

In the bible, No. 1000 is considered the number of opposition to everything evil or anything that has bad intentions towards good people, and it has multiple references:

-One of the Israeli judges called Samson killed 1,000 Palestinian army men with the jawbone of a donkey.

-During the second coming of Jesus Christ, Satan is chained behind spiritual bars for 1,000 years.

-After the second coming of Jesus Christ, Jesus governs the Earth for 1,000 more years during the Millennium.

- Several people will be resurrected during the Millennium to witness the miracles of Christ.

Overall, this No. 1000 is a number about standing my ground, overcoming my obstacles, opposing evil and fighting off malign temptations.

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