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1/6/2022 A.

Caliel No. 221= is telling me that the more I remain positive with my words, thoughts, writing and actions; the more this experience will become favorable for those who are dear to me and myself.

Through the intermediary relay of the Angelic No. 221, Caliel is telling me that once I express an attitude of gratitude, I'll naturally manifest more blessings into my life. Know that this number is also a message of acknowledgement for all the blessings entering into my life at this time, and Caliel is telling me that I should follow the way of a divine lifestyle with passion and determination by seeing the light in myself and others.

Caliel is saying that I should maintain a positive attitude when facing any situation or actual problem because this optimism will end up manifesting itself through my expected result. I need to have confidence in the fact that I'm fully supported and surrounded with love from the Angels, which are always guiding me and constantly helping me as well.

Several vibrational energies and influences are being sent to me through this Angel No. 221 simply because of its combination of double No. 2's and the support of the number 1. the number 22 symbolizes a sense of equilibrium, harmony, partnership, relations, adaptability, encouragement, diplomacy, cooperation, duality and confidence while I'm aiming for a divine lifestyle.

With the No. 1 in this picture, I should be expecting the creation of attributes in my life such as new departures, progression, motivations, inspirations, exceeding situations, success and accomplishments. Yet, the No. 1 is also reminding me to create my own reality through my beliefs, actions and thoughts.

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