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1/6/2022 B.

Pahaliah No. 1111= This Angel number is often the first message people see when they begin on the path of awakening. Because of this, No. 1111 is regarded as the gateway symbol, as it resembles a portal to a whole new way of perceiving our reality.

In numerology, No. 11 is the first master number, and it leads us to a special significance when we add more 1's to its ranks. Therefore, number 11, 111 and 1111 are all closely aligned with the awakening process of human consciousness- especially at this time. And when we see it showing up in various guises like on a calendar, in our personal numerology reading or in our everyday life encounters such as on a smartphone, clock or license plate, it can serve as a kind of springboard for an opportunity to make huge leaps in our awareness.

As a marker for intense spiritual connections, No. 1111 is believed by many to be a direct communication with the divine, so it is often regarded as a gateway to Angelic or interdimensional insight. As such, one needs to pay close attention to the thoughts, feelings and even the events surrounding the sightings of this type of symbol, as these clues may be of great significance.

If like me, you end up seeing these Angel numbers often, it may be a good idea to start keeping a journal and writing down the details concerning what happened each time these numbers showed up in your life. That way, any deeper patterns will eventually reveal themselves in time. Remember, Yahweh loves patterns!

As a clear sign of ones' alignment with the predominant energy endowed with a blueprint that is laid out for the individual receiving it, No. 1111 is also regarded as a number of instant manifestations. what this means is that a rapid and effortless co-creation is possible at this time. Yes, that implies that we would be one with the creator of our reality and what we desire could be ours! So, I need to understand that it's no coincidence when the number 11:11 appears on the clock or smartphone the way it did today.

Children are often the most in tuned individuals among us, and in the past, they would instinctively cry out, "make a wish!" as the creative magic of this number can literally be felt by those who are intuitive enough to pick up on it.

So, seeing this number this time is a reminder that I should set clear goals and intentions for my life and stop treading water while merely settling for second best. Pahaliah is urging me to aim higher, and ey is offering me the assurance that I'll make it.

Pahaliah says that I am aligned with spirit and a powerful position that can change my personal reality as well as the reality of the collective, so I should act in the highest interest for all.

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