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12/21/2021 A.

Gabriel No. 700= this number symbolizes potential, new opportunities and choices, closures and new beginnings, spirituality and the road to my spiritual enlightenment, thoughtfulness, psychic and emphatic gifts, wholeness and ones, phases and cycles, the energy of the universe and the creator, inner wisdom and intuition.

Gabriel is asking me to be patient because I will soon experience the rewards for my past actions, as thoughts will come into my life. Ey is asking me to continue my present attitude and behavior, and to continue on the path towards expanding my spirituality further.

Gabriel congratulates me on the work I have done to manifest my desires into reality as well as my spiritual work in trying to help others with my spiritual gifts and abilities.

This angel No. 700 is a confirmation of my alignment with my true life and souls' purpose. Ey tells me to trust that all is unfolding according to the divine plan that the universe has in store for me in this lifetime. Gabriel says to ask the angels for help if I begin doubting my actions and decisions, so I take this message to mean that ey approves of my choice to start this blog.

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