12/23/2021 A.

Lelahel No.44= I have been seeing this Angel number for a few days now, but Lelahel didn't want me to receive the message until today.

Number 44 is one of those symbols that carries a powerful spiritual meaning and a much-needed message from the Angels and the Ascended Masters. So when we see the Angel No. 44, we should heed it simply because higher beings might be trying to tell us to embrace our spiritual mission.

In numerology, No.44 symbolizes the creation of a firm ground for the present and future generations. People often keep seeing it in circumstances involving material gain. Therefore, people who see the Angel No.44 often are considered materialistically motivated. As such, they're usually hell-bent on exercising their hard work in order to get more and more riches. This does not always imply money or tangible assets though. For example, Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States, and we all know that his election made a huge mark on the countrys' history and culture.

There are many Angel numbers that are considered lucky in life and No.44 is one of them. it's lucky for me because my intellect guardian Angel is assuring me that on the path of life I have taken and the life purpose I have chosen, I will achieve a similar fate. I just need to get rid of my fears and realize that the angels and Ascended Masters have my back because I'm about to experience an abundance of blessings, if I can do so.

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