12/30/2021 A.

Pahaliah No. 1144= With the hidden meaning behind this number, I discovered that it's about looking for new ways to get my work done more smoothly.

This is the second time I've received this message this month, but this one is in response to a different circumstance and Pahaliah is telling me to look around and see what else is available to me as well, and that I shouldn't hesitate to call on the Angels for assistance.

Ey tells me to listen to my instincts because the Angels may be sending me help as we speak. Learn to usher in positive energies and vibrations that will help me figure out what I have to do next.

Pahaliah wants to remind me to keep my thoughts strong and positive, as there are still many new roles I can perform and opportunities that I can try out in my lifetime.

Pahaliah is a major motivator in my life, and ey says that thinking that I'm not fit for the job or that I'll do an awful job, is not staying true to my highest ideals. Instead, I should picture myself as being successful so that I will manifest this into reality. Ey tells me to trust myself more and also trust that the Angels will send me the aid I need when I actually need it.

The Angel No. 1144 serves as my encouragement to keep moving ahead with my current plans because I'm on the right track, so don't let anything or anyone stop me. Don't take no for an answer either. Find a way to make it work and expect only the best results each time!

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