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2/1/2023 A

Odin No. 117= Before I went to bed last night, I looked up the meaning of the left pinky toe because I've ended up stubbing it twice in the last week, and each time it has torn my toe nail off.

The pinky toes are connected to the earth element, and the left one is the trust toe. The purpose of stubbing my pinky toe is to re-align the nail in order to look towards the heavens so that I'm able to acknowledge spirit as my source and focus more on what I want rather than the fear, betrayal and insecurities I've been thinking about as of late.

With that said, this No. 117 meaning is about a new beginning, spiritual evolution and expansion. Odin is trying to motivate me in what I need to do in this lifetime and guide me towards a more spiritual life. He tells me to know my worth and don't be afraid of letting the old things go, as I need to bring something new and more fulfilling into my entire being.

Odin reiterates that the meaning of this No. 117 is that something new will come into my life. some new beginning will also come about, and I'm encouraged to see life with an open mindset and a positive attitude.

Progress is what needs to be made at this time, so I shouldn't be afraid of other peoples' petty opinions. Instead, I should do what makes me feel good and release those habits and relationships that are no longer good for me.

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