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2/1/2023 AB

Israfil No. 1200= This message is about the situation where old patterns, behaviors or ways of doing things are holding me back and not allowing me to achieve anything significant in my professional field.

Since I find myself in such a situation, Israfil is telling me that I should let go all those patterns, behaviors and ways of acting that no longer support my professional development.

Israfil wants me to pay attention to the circumstances around the Angel No. 1200 message because the first step I'll need to take is to change my socio-professional circles of acquaintances. Ey says that I have to surround myself with people with noble qualities, because they will challenge me to improve and help me grow.

Finally, when I see the No. 1200 in the circumstances related to my career, I need to know that it's a sign of encouragement in relation to those things I fear trying. Israfil wants me to take that leap of faith, because the results will surprise even myself.

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