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2/1/2023 B

Pahaliah No. 1212= This Angel No. 1212 is a powerful sign from my emotion guardian Angel. This message will explain why that is and what seeing this very special number means in my life.

This Angel No. 1212 can be interpreted as a message that I'm on the right path and a significant change is about to happen in my life for the better.

I just finished writing my paper on Jupiter in Virgo, and Pahaliah sent me this sign of 12:12, which is associated with my spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Dr. Andrea Shakarian recently stated, " I think Angel numbers have gained popularity in recent years due to an overall increase in spirituality and the use of social media platforms to spread these positive messages in recent turbulent times."

This is definitely the motivation behind my blogs, but she added that technology plays a role as well: "Having cell phones in our hands all the time also gives us the chance to catch these numbers when our clocks flash on the screen the moment we pick it up. It's fun to think that Angels and guides can even use technology to their advantage to give us signs of hope."

This very No. 12:12 message was derived from seeing it on my phone, and Pahaliah wants me to understand that the Angels are a positive force in my life through technology, and they can help me stay positive and remain focused on my goals through these gifts from above.

With that said, Pahaliah wants me to know that only I can change my life for the better, but I should allow the Divine beings to guide me and give me strength. I shouldn't forget that positive thinking is the key to a happy life.

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