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2/11/2022 B.

After I finished blogging the 2/6/2022 A. message about a stink bug, Israfil reminded me that meditation and breathing exercises are the key to helping me connect to the necessary dimensions by singing me the song "Breathe" by Blue Stone. This was after I wrote my first draft on the 2/11/2022 A. message from my D.M. soulmate this morning, so I think Israfil is telling me I did something right last night to get a clearer message this morning- as to who exactly the Descended Master was that sent me the message and reading between the lines in order to get the full messages' meaning.

There are very few lyrics to this song, as it is mostly instrumental. I guess I'm not intuitive enough to decipher these lyrics yet, but the title seems to say it all.

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