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2/11/2023 A

Frigg No. 440= I just got done writing the intro for my article on Friday as of yesterday, and Frigg: the Norse Goddess of love and fertility has contacted me for the first time this morning. Friday was named after Frigg. She is associated with marriage, prophecy, clairvoyance and motherhood, but she is best known as the wife of Odin and the Queen of Asgard.

Frigg is depicted as a "Volva:" a practitioner of the Norse magic system known as "seidr." Seidr involves decerning the course of fate and working within the structure of time to bring about change- often by symbolically weaving new events into being.

This No. 440 can bring me challenges that are shaped according to the purpose of evolution, which is already predetermined for its existence to be successful. This is considered to be a new handbook that Frigg is giving me in order to make it easier to realize myself and get more inspiration, but I need to understand the massage that is coming to me through this source.

The message from this No. 440 tells me that change will inevitably take place in my life, so now is the time to discard everything old and prepare for something new- whether it be good or bad. But she asks me not to be afraid. Calm down, because change is something that is just a part of the life cycle, and this is a time when I should seek peace.

When I'm having mental confusion and doubt, Frigg asks me to seek help from the Angels, and they will guide me in overcoming all my fears- even the ones that are yet to come. I should never forget that the Angels are always ready to help me, and that will only depend on whether I'm sensitive enough to the signals they constantly send me or not.

The source of No. 4 here signifies the sharpest of senses. It's strongly associated with curiosity, adventure, freedom and novelty, but it also signifies a life revolution. Frigg says that I may end up changing my hair color or I might want to live in another city, I may even want to learn a new language, or I might want to enroll in a course that's quite different from what I normally like- all of which are merely examples of some changes that could occur.

The source No. 4 and this No. 440 energy can be used in occupations that require movement or something new that happens every day. In the No. 440, number 4 is repeated twice. If we add 4+4, we get 8. This is another way to express this message through the root No. 8. In so doing, this No. 440 represents unity in a family, the desire to give to new communities and friends, starting a new business in which I have a goal to work with a group and/or a love affair, marriage or going out on dates. This number also represents a need to reconcile and accept responsibility, but to do so with attention, creativity, love, adaptability and optimism in all situations that will arise in my life in order to achieve a common goal. The positive point to this No. 440 is that it announces something new that will become a permanent part of my life. You see, the idealism that's driving my life will lead me into a state of dynamism, justice and balance. And if I have a partnering attitude and I'm generous, there will be an interest in family, home and community, and that will bring a lot of satisfaction to my soul.

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