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2/11/2023 AB

I've been seeing a robin visiting me for a few weeks now, but it just dawned on me that it's actually a spirit animal messenger from the Triple Goddess.

This bird is thought to be related to the new year, so it was often interpreted as a symbol of spiritual rebirth. In old myths and legends, the robin was a symbol of passion and honor, but it's believed to be a divine bird in many cultures. The robin is called the spring bird because they symbolize renewal and rebirth, and this robin has flown into my life to teach me something.

This spirit animal is meant as a symbol for a spring song in the air and good luck, but it also symbolizes passion, new beginnings and renewal. It's telling me I should be ready for many changes that are going to happen. All these changes should be undertaken with good energy and a sense of joy. I should be happy and grateful for all the little things that I have in my life, and there is no reason for me to be sad or worried. It says I should laugh more often, but I should be ready for a renewal that will happen in many areas of my life. Of course, this renewal means that I should leave my past behind me and go forward with my life. in so doing, I should have a song in my heart, and I should follow it (I believe this means I should keep Israfil in my heart, as ey is the Archangel of music). The Triple Goddess says it's time for me to leave all the bad things behind me.

A robin spirit animal is always a symbol of good luck, but this one is telling me that I'm a lucky person. My life will be much better when I leave my past behind and start to believe in myself. It's telling me that I shouldn't worry because there are many good changes in front of me.

This robins' spirit is bringing passion and good energy into my life, and it's telling me it's time to finish up with my old relationships if there's no passion in them anymore. It's time for new love and new passion in my life. Even so, I shouldn't be sad or worried about this, because something better is waiting for me. This bird always celebrates any type of spring season in the atmosphere, and its song brings joy and happiness into everyones' life. This teaches me that I should sing my own song, and nothing will stop me from singing it.

Not that Yesterday, I noticed that the Government is silencing those who discover things they don't want everyone to know about, and this concerned me with my Lifes' work. I'm just a simple hermit living in the mountains, and it would take some kind of Divine intervention to keep the government from silencing me as well.

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