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2/11/2023 B

Israfil No. 1001= In love, the Angel No. 1001 is telling me to start being more active. Israfil wants me to start thinking about my future and what it is that I want out of life. Sometimes, it's hard to take steps towards the future because our minds are constantly tormented by doubt. These thoughts prohibit us from moving forward and making our lives happier than ever before. Israfil wants me to fight against this doubt and start taking bigger steps towards my future.

For those who are single like me, Angel No. 1001 is motivation to start being more interested in romantic relationships. Perhaps I'm spending too much time on careless living, but it's true that my drive to be in a relationship has been hampered as of late. As such, Israfil says it's time for me to start thinking about the future. With the energy being sent along with this Angel No. 1001, I'll become more in touch with my feelings and notice others more than before. Ey says that someone will soon win over my heart and I'll be more than happy that it happened.

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