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2/12/2022 A.

Yehuyah No.223= The sum of this message needs to be read in terms of my current situation and how it stands in particular areas of my life.

Yehuyah wants me to ask myself, do I need to be more flexible in my approach to life right now? Am I using my creative talents and imagination to stay on the right path? If not, perhaps I need to find ways to adjust my attitude in order to become more in line with the purpose of my soul and where it wants to head in the future.

The No. 223 is connected to the concept of Univeral love. This means that those who have this Angel number featured in their lives value love quite highly in their day-to-day existence like I do. However, we may tend to seek out the angle of love that is similar to the way we are, and this is what I've been struggling with lately (see 2/8/2022 A. message).

This inherently Virgoan trait may sometimes make it difficult to find the right partner in life, because many people who resonate with this trait are likely to be the type that will wait until they're able to find their true soulmate. Therefore, Yehuyah is giving me a nudge with the

No.223 as my physical guardian Angel, because even Divine beings understand that no one wants to be alone, so I might want to listen to the advice that the higher beings have been trying to impart on me lately. Remember to relax and breathe ;)

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