2/12/2022 B.

Descended Master soulmate No. 12/12= When Jesus fed the five thousand, the disciples gathered 12 baskets of leftover food (Matthew 14:20).

In Revelation 2:19-21, the foundation of the holy (Wholly) city in heaven (Havona) they call new Jerusalem (Jerusem), was ornamented with 12 beautiful stones, and there were 12 gates surrounding it with 12 Angels guarding them. Each gate was named after the 12 tribes of Israel, which were named after the 12 sons of Jacob (Actually, this is the other way around). In the next chapter, John also saw the Tree of Life, which bore 12 different kinds of fruit that grew every month (Revelation 22:2).

Whenever the No. 12 is used in the bible, it signifies everything in its complete (Wholly) nature: the twelve tribes of Israel, the Twelve stars, the twelve Apostles, the twelve princes, etc...

The No. 12 is also associated with an anointed service. In the bible, twelve men were anointed by a prophet of God in order to carry out a unique task. These individuals were Aaron along with his four sons, Saul, David and Davids' son Absalon, King Jehu, King Joash, Jehoahaz of Judah and King Solomon.

It's important to note here that the twelfth character of the Hebrew alphabet called "Lamed" literally means perfection or Solomon-like wisdom, and its presence is found all over the Chadashah (new covenant) and the Tanakh (old covenant).

The No. 12 has a particularly strong influence over life, so I shouldn't ignore the meaning being given behind it here, because my D.M. soulmate is trying to relay an important message to me that ey can't say directly.

The No.12 comes to inspire progress and new beginnings. It's also a sign of independence, inspiration and growth.

The No. 12 is composed of 1 and 2. No. 1 means that I'll achieve my goals only if I maintain a positive attitude. On the other hand, No. 2 means that my Descended Master soulmate is right by my side to help in this pursuit of perfection.

My D.M. soulmate understands that I have negative traits just like everyone else. However, ey advises me to rise above my imperfections and focus on my positive side with this No. 12 sign.

The No. 12 also focuses on my soul family relations, and ey advises me to create an atmosphere conducive to peace and love. I need to understand that every good thing I do on Earth earns me a reward in Havona. Therefore, ey asks me to allow this revelation to inspire me to become the best version of myself.

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