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2/12/2023 A

Israfil No. 1110= My favorite Archangel is affirming that it's the time for enlightenment, spiritual awakening and personal development in my live. I've been doing all the complex work that doesn't go unnoticed, and the Angels recognize them. I have to continue the work I've been doing with complete trust and a positive mindset in order to achieve my Lifes' purpose, though. I should listen to my heart carefully in order to understand my souls' mission and the purpose of my life. the intuition and instincts in me never lie, so I need to use them to know my purpose in life. but I should remember that my purpose isn't just confined to me, it must be spread to lift humanity as well.

I must use positive affirmations and an optimistic attitude to draw my hearts' true desire into my life. Ey asks me to take positive steps towards my dreams and desires while trusting my inner self, my intuition, my instincts, my self-wisdom and the guidance form the Angels.

This Angel No. 1110 encourages me to entrust my abilities to the guidance of the Angels and the universal energies. In so doing, I should follow my intuition, as it will be the tool that guides me through the process of mixing and blending them, and this approach will get me right with my destined life path. While walking this path, I must use my skills and productively engage in creative and positive endeavors. Israfil asks me to always listen to the guidance of the Angels and my intuition while going for my soul mission with passion and enthusiasm.

Israfil says that courage and a sense of adventure are the needs of the hour in order for me to get going. Always be true to myself, don't compromise on my dreams or passions and live my life. Whatever that ends up being, I'll need to step out of my comfort zone and set a foot forward on my journey while believing that I'll find success, happiness and peace of mind.

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