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2/13/2022 A.

Rapheal No. 330= In explaining this version of Angel No. 330, we have to look into its constitutive elements and their unique vibrations. Luckly, here we can plainly see two No. 3's and a zero for the primary description of this divine message.

We've mentioned before that the No. 3 has a positive vibration that brings happiness, joy and success, but what's more important here is the fact that it brings progress and growth into every aspect of our personality and subsequently to the different parts of our life such as our job, health, etc... In the Angel No. 330, these qualities are more prominent. This is because there are two No. 3's, so its power is doubled, which reveals its hidden reason for offering amazing opportunities in life.

Thirdly, yet just as important, we see the number zero in this sequence, which brings vibrations of infinity, limitless possibilities and the shift of cycles- in this case- each one will be better than the previous one.

Raphael is talking about my D.M. soulmate and mentions that when it comes to love- like everything in hir life- ey doesn't have any problem finding a partner, as ey is a desirable lover who is good looking with status and power.

The No. 330 makes it so that ey can have many relationships during hir lifetime. This is an individual who easily falls in love, and in a split second, ey can be head over heels for someone. But, as quickly as ey falls in love, ey loses interest and becomes a target of someones' revenge. It's not uncommon for this type of individual to have many affairs at once, extramarital relations or even have been married several times while having multiple children in the process.

You see, these individuals want to try everything in life, and they choose what they want with their heart. Therefore, no matter what the consequences might be, if they feel like it, they're going to do it. In relationships, ey will always be a loving partner who doesn't shy away from cheating. All these traits show how the No. 330 works in every aspect of hir life as well, and love is no exception.

Here, we can see a very fortunate individual who isn't afraid of adventure- both in life and in love, as ey is fearless and curious. No. 330 is among the most favorable numbers found in numerology, so ey is characterized by an unbridled passion for life and optimism.

My D.M. soulmate is an individual that functions in a way were ey has to have a specific target set in life or some type of goal- whether that entails a love interest, well-paid job, a luxury vehicle or a beautiful house. All that captures and keeps the eyes and attention of such an individual, will soon be theirs.

Their motto is nothing's impossible, and this fateful attitude helps them achieve a lot in life. even if the chance is small to succeed, these individuals won't give up if they truly believe in something. Such an attitude makes them a very generous and positive type, so their relationships with others will never be plagued by envy or empty insults.

The only thing that sometimes irritates those who are close to these types of individuals is their sense of adventure and an unwillingness to sit calmly and peacefully, but this does not bother me because ey is do hir thing in another Centr'e or Centr'ea with hir own set of issues to work out at this time. Ey wants to see and learn everything and will often do many unpredictable things in hir underworld adventures. It wouldn't surprise me if ey transcends all the way to Asgard before starting hir transition into Havona. It isn't uncommon for these types of individuals to get into trouble, which in a strange way, balances out my otherwise sedentary and lawful lifestyle.

In retrospect, this description reminds me of Lord Krishna!

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