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2/13/2023 A

Rochel No. 444= Rochel is the Angel of restitution, which grants each individual what they're entitled to, and ey has a message for me in this regard.

When No. 4 appears three times, it's delivering a message that I'm heading in the right direction and that the odds are about to turn in my favor. Hence, I need to keep going every day- even when things feel like they're going wrong- because they're bound to get better.

Even with Valentines' Day just around the corner, I still don't have any sexual drive. Rochel is telling me that it's because now is a good time for my twin flame and I to start ascending to higher spiritual grounds with our relationship. both of us should be attempting to not just help one another in this regard, but also looking to help as many other individuals as we can in the process.

I believe Rochel is telling me to work with Israfil on my Ring Deck during this Valentine season, because I just started working on the papers for the planet Venus in the 12 zodiac signs, and my Ring Deck is the tool my twin flame and I will use to help others ascend themselves and ourselves as well.

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