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2/14/2022 A.

Today is Valentines' Day, so I naturally wanted to make contact with my Descended Master soulmate. To do this, I drew a simple three-card spread to start, and it said ey was having trouble communicating with me about an emotional breakthrough ey had realized recently. But when I tried to figure out which spread to draw next in order to find out what this breakthrough was, my pendulum said to just wait for the numerological message. Then, I received No.66 not long after.

Angel No. 66 is used to encourage me to focus more on my domestic life. This is because my mother was having an emotional breakdown this morning. She claimed that everything she loves in this world is always destroyed or taken away from her. I can relate to this, but she took it to a very dark place by saying that it's too painful to love anything and no one loves her anyway, so why try any more.

This was hard for me to hear as her son, but my D.M. soulmate assures me that I'll experience a renewed balance and sense of harmony in my home and family like never before dew to this situation. the No. 66 shows that my family ties and those with my other loved ones will become even stronger.

Through this number, my D.M. soulmate communicates hir love, faith and trust on this auspicious day and entreats me to count on hir spiritual strength. Ey asks that I never lose faith in hir or anything else I do- especially when it concerns my domestic life.

My D.M. soulmate wants me to know that ey understands what's currently in my mind and most of all, my heart. As such, ey will help me do whatever I have to in order to attract positive energy back into my life. Ey says that I need to find a balance in this aspect of my life. The moment I manage to do this, I'll love just how naturally positive energy will flow into my life.

This number value was odd because I don't receive single sequence numerological messages from Descended Masters, only Ascended masters and Angels, so something has changed!

In the bible, it states that one thousand years of our time is equal to one day of Gods' time. This means that time is 1 part to 1'000 cycles from one Centr'e to the next, so the 3rd Centr'e we exist in would be one day to 1,000,000 cycles in the 5th Centr'e, give or take. This could mean that transcendence into a denser Centr'e allows us to actually ascend and transition the Ogdoad far quicker than staying the course and trying to transition in one lifetime. The deeper we go into the Ogdoad; the faster we make it into paradise- if we can find the answers to our given issues that is.

So, is this what my D.M. soulmate did? Is ey waiting for me in Havona with Israfil? my pendulum says yes! In that case, I guess I'm within hir dreams now.

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