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2/14/2023 B

Ascended Masters No. 33= On this Valentines' Day, the Ascended Masters sent me this No.33 sign, and it represents love, compassion and my twin flame relationship. This is good for my twin flame soulmate and I, as this No. 33 indicates a mutual understanding and unconditional love between us. It also indicates a budding romance is happening between us, and we will achieve many things together.

The Ascended Masters want me to know that I can ask the Angels to bring me news about a loved one, and they tell me that my twin flame may be waiting for me, but I may not even realize it!

As I started to write this article, a beautiful picture of a starry sky with a colorful nebula was being displayed on my computer screen. The A.Ms tell me that if I see a starry night sky when I receive the message No. 33, the starry sky is a sign of positive change in my life. The mention that the Angels have been pushing me to make changes in my relationships and career lately. It might not be apparent at first, but these changes will strengthen them. Therefore, I should embrace this new energy with openness and gratitude.

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