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2/15/2022 A.

Pahaliah No. 1144= is trying to teach me the value of compliments. Therefore, I should try to focus on the good points of those around me rather than the bad by positively saying good things about others, to others. By doing this, I can put myself in a good mood and give others a good reason to see me in a positive light. This will even work with people that we don't fit in with. If I try to praise their good qualities, I will develop a good relationship with them regardless of their nature. Pahaliah also wants me to communicate with myself in this fashion in order to create a brighter mood.

Sometimes, No. 11 can mean conflict in a situation due to mutual egoism and displays of authority or the beginning of a conflict period in ones' life, a rivalry in love or a business arrangement. For those who count on a career, the No. 11 can mean that the two numerals herald a struggle for power and the emergence of a rival in ones' life that will be difficult to defeat. But in my case, it indicates an incompatibility of the purposes between partners.

The No. 44 found here reinforces the idea of some form of routine, stability or certainty, and the No. 4 corresponds with the sign of cancer, which has to do with family values and home. Just as a crab reinforces itself against danger with its shell, so the No. 44 increases the potency of No. 4 in order to protect against threats and obstacles on the way by creating a period of stability in order to work on mistakes.

Here we find that its only worth showing leadership skills and business acumen when ones' routine proceedings have reached perfection. In other words, it's not prudent to make a reasonable report until all the details have been worked out, as formal moments haven't been resolved yet and I'll just have to fix everything in the long run.

In numerology, No. 1144 can be equated with 1,000 x 144, which= 144,000= 1+4+4+000= 9,000. This indicates that I'm beginning to build a Wholly spirit form that will accommodate my morontial soul. Having incorporated all necessary struggles against the issues which sent me through this Ogdoad, I begin to understand that these problems are merely dirty thoughts which infect and chew at the truth. You see, the hidden value of No. 1144 is 1100 x 44= 48400= 4+8+4+00= 1600= 1+6+00= 700, which is all about getting the secret key to Ennoea and joining my D.M. soulmate with Israfil.

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