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2/15/2023 A

Lelahel No. 33= Lelahel is my primary intellect guardian Angel of the Divine light that heals everything with the Light of Love. With that said, this Angel No. 33 is a symbol of creativity and spiritual illumination. When the Angels send messages containing a Master number like 33, we can be sure that they are referring to events that have major significance in our life.

I don't recall my dreams last night, but Lelahel wants me to know that one of the most common ways that mortals may encounter an extremely powerful angel number is in a dream. Dreams often contain messages from higher powers meant to provide us with the inspiration and encouragement that we need to achieve our higher purpose.

Yesterday, the Ascended Masters sent me the No. 33 and mentioned that my twin flame is waiting for me. This caused me some confusion because they aren't even born yet. Lelahel wants me to know that when I awaken in the middle of the night and see a time like 1:33, 3:33 or 3:38- like I do this morning on the digital clock- I should make an effort to relax my mind and remember my dreams.

Seeing this Angel No. 33 is an auspicious sign that I'm about to meet a Master Teacher in my dreams, and that Master Teacher is my twin flame soulmate. The teachings that I receive from this Master Teacher will help me realize and achieve my higher purpose in life. (I should note here that I've been having vivid dreams for several week now with a Master Teacher teaching me things in my dreams after receiving this message. and even though they take different forms, I feel as though they're all my twin flame in disguise.)

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