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2/16/2022 A.

Yehuyah No.655= The number 655 culminates in No. 7, as 6+5+5= 16 and 1+6= 7. The number 7 speaks to the state of esoteric and spiritual aspects, as it is linked with my inner spiritual knowledge and intuition. It also relates to things that are hidden such as lies and deceit, so I believe this is concerning my mothers' religious belief as to what is going on in the world at this time.

No. 655 suggests that my personal freedom is being inhibited in some way by these beliefs. As such, the problem likely resides somewhere in the physical world. It could be my work or a lack of finances, but here, I find that it is part of my home situation.

This number suggests that the reason I'm not seeing this problem clearly is because something about it is hidden. Therefore, Yehuyah says I should use my intuition to uncover this and make the necessary changes.

Yehuyah suggests that I get my house in order before I try to focus on myself, because these issues are playing with my mind more than I would like to admit. I can't expect to grow properly and have the necessary space to explore other parts of my life when these things are hanging over my head.

Yehuyah asks me to take the time to deal with them, so that I can start focusing on myself. Ey actually woke me up this morning out of a dead sleep to tell me this, and ey wouldn't allow me to go back to sleep either, as ey kept on tickling my face until I got out of bed.

The full snow moon that is happening today has something to do with part of this message, as it relates to an understanding of our deepest fears, worries and secrets, and my mothers' religious beliefs are playing on these issues. The sun opposite the moon at this time brings home, family and other intimate relationships into focus for the following two weeks of this moon cycle. As such, what I need versus what I want, will create an inner tension and external pressures. This will lead to conflicts and crises' that will drain my energy, but the rest is part of a much bigger problem.

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