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2/17/2022 B.

Ascended Masters No. 33= will immediately attract the attention of anyone who is familiar with the bible. Today, there are a lot of theories that are trying to make a connection between the Angels and number 33. If this number keeps appearing in front of someone who was raised as a Christian like me, then this person should look for an answer in the bible.

The first thing they have to say is that No. 33 appears 6 times in the bible. In the New Testament, we find that there are 7 chapters that have 33 verses. The word "Devil" is used 33 times in the New Testament, while the word "sickness" is used 33 times in the Old Testament. Also, I should note that the words "miracle" and "language" are used 33 times in the bible.

It is said that Christ accomplished 33 miracles in the Gospels, and the rule of David in Jerusalem lasted 33 years.

Jesus Christ was crucified when he was 33 years old, so we can say that his terrestrial life lasted 33 years. And we should note that Jesus Christ had 3 years of ministry on earth.

If we keep in mind that the No. 33 symbolizes Christ Consciousness in this message, we realize that it represents his promise of salvation given to humanity. But the Ascended Masters say that I should keep in mind that there were also Christs' promises which were unpleasant.

The No. 33 (11x3) could also symbolize Gods' promise related to judgement and the rebellion of fallen Angels. Yet, even though there is a potentially negative connotation found in the bible concerning No. 33, in the New Age faith, this number is always referred to as the Master number symbolizing immortality.

While the message 2/17/2022 A. shows me a timeline of when I can expect certain biblical events to happen, the 2/17/ 2022 B. message found here is more about the path I'm destined to take; that of Number 33.

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