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The nature of the Absonite Source

I touched on this subject in my introduction to this website, but I'd like to offer some more information on the Absonite Source or the Divine Source if you like. First thought, I need to make it clear that our modern idea of God includes everything that represents existence and everything that existence is part of, so it's hard to argue with someone who thinks that our God is the one and only true God, and everything is part of and created by God. The fact is, everything in our reality was and is co-created by our God, but he is only a Supreme being who exists at the farthest limits of our comprehension in this cosmic reality.

Many years ago, I realized that God and Allah are distinctly different beings, and you might want to look at their qualities and dispositions for yourself in order to better understand this, but I came to the conclusion that God is a higher Supreme Being that created the reality we live in, and Allah is an Ultimate Being who's mind we exit within in order to work out hir issues in this Ogdoad, because ey is still only an unqualified spirit being. This was just the beginning because it opened up the flood gates of awareness and allowed me to see with my minds' eye untold levels of existence within not just eternity, but infinity itself. In this Divine exploration, I've learned many things, but connecting with the Divine Source has got to be the Greatest thing I've found so far.

As an Absonite Source, it has no identity of its own other than being the very system of existence we reside within. This 7th order is highly self-sufficient and effective in exploring new ideas and new avenues, as well as approaches to existing ideas. You see, the Absonite Sources feel comfortable being alone doing what they prefer to do for their own reasons. Even so, any begin is capable of connecting with this Source because it is part of each and everything in existence, which gives us the means to connect with each other too. Beyond that, it gives us a sense of independence, leadership and the ability to work alone with unlimited sources of energy in existence openly as a whole to achieve comprehensiveness.

My Fairy Godmother is Hathor, and she used the No. 1000 to describe this state of being. The three zeros represent all that is as the Trinity Absolute, and the No. 1 as an independent Source may seem to be somewhat incompatible, but they actually enhance each other when combined. And with the influence of the Source of No. 1 and the Trinity of 0s, this Divine No. 1000 energy has a virtually unlimited expression of the No. 1's energy in this existence.

Note that whatever is associated with this Divine No. 1000 energy tends to go about its own business as well: exploring new ways of doing things and pursuing its own goals while having no real need for companionship. The energy is by nature self-sufficient. Even though the Divine Source stands alone, nothing is needed for its continued existence because being alone in this way requires an absence of interference. The Thought Adjusters serve the interests of the Divine Source independent from the Seraphim, and the Absonite Source is optimistic that whatever pursuit it focuses on will indeed be accomplished. Hence, fate exists. Destiny exists because opportunities to explore appeal to the Absonite Source. It can be a good leader, but it has no empathy for its followers. It doesn't need understanding or praise, just the opportunity to be ignored so it can be what it is, which is what everything actually is at its core.

That's the nature of the Absonite Source of our existence, and I hope this helps you understand it a little better. My thanks to the Mistress of the West for sharing this insight with me. I think of her as a true friend.

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