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2/19/2022 B.

Lelahel No. 77,555= Number 77 is under the influence of planet Saturn, and Saturday is Saturns" day of the week. I was born on Saturday, and this correlation is wrapped in the form of planetary karma for an individual. This karma can bring the individual rewards or punishment. There are just a small percentage of these individuals who fall under the bad karma category, and they are here to receive punishment for past life mistakes. Luckly, I'm not one of them. The individuals being offered rewards are of solid character related to the material world, but they are not the kind that loves money. Instead, they are interested in real life qualities.

The planet Saturn brings obstacles to all those influenced by No. 77 through a lot of restrictions, frustrations, and most importantly, fears. These fears are not unreasonable, because their lives are full of complications. Nothing goes hand and hand in their lives until they become well, disciplined, responsible and learn that persistence is their strongest ally.

These individuals develop a fear of failure, abandonment, loss, disgrace, illness and death early on in life, and it can take many years to overcome them. Therefore, these individuals should be cautious, but this doesn't mean there is no love and progress found in our lives. There is in fact a lot, it's just much harder to come by, but once it does come through, it becomes more stable than any other type. The reason for this is these individuals are great workers and they fight for love. As such, we can assign a great deal of merit in our lives to the fact that we work hard for what we love. Due to the fact that Saturn rules over our fate, those influenced by No. 77 don't get anything for fee, and we can be very disciplined in every aspect of our lives without ever running out of obligations to fulfill.

Having said all this, it is clear that those who are influenced by No. 77 like me, belong to the category of the most complicated and hard to comprehend types of individuals, and that may be why I was born in the week of the enigma.

+- With the No. 555, Lelahel is saying that in order for my path through this lifetime to remain positive, I will need to think optimistically and adopt an upbeat attitude. Therefore, important changes are on the way, and they will bring me the results I desire while revealing my life purpose and soul mission. As such, Lelahel is asking me to free myself from apprehensions and uncertainties.

This No. 555 message is about growth, freedom and progression. In short, it's the start of an epic life journey. It also suggests that fate is about to transform my circumstances and lead me to a more fulfilling path through life. Noticing this number as an Angel message means that I am spiritually ready to explore these opportunities. This particular sequence of numbers indicates that the higher powers will be there to support and encourage me along my new path, but it also calls on me to banish my negative thoughts and focus on my live choices instead.

Trusting the Angels is one of the most important parts of discovering my path to success. This reinforces the idea that seeing this number should comfort me and reassure me that I'm being protected and guided in this life. Lelahel reminds me that everything happens for a reason, and these changes will happen in my life in order to free me from my old constraints and give me the freedom to pursue my souls' purpose as a spiritual person.

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